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Why Study Mythology? (2)

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Mythology expresses universally powerful human reactions through culturally-specific forms thereby directing the power of these reactions into contemporary life. This brings organic emotional meaning to contemporary life and prevents these powers from becoming distracting or destructive.

It should be noted, however, that all religions worldwide are outdated; they now siphon powerful human reactions into culturally-outdated forms. This can be confusing and destructive, but we can still discover a modern mythological system by examining the commonalities between several religious systems.

These powerful human reactions can never be clearly expressed without a culturally-specific form – the forms are like material shells to incorporeal (and mysterious) meaning cores. The outdated shells can mislead but when compared across mythologies, we get the best approximation of the experience of these emotional cores, and in a manner that is informative for our own lives.

So ironically, the study of the commonalities of outdated religions can approximate a modern mythological system.

Can you live without it?

Of course you can, though you may wish to explore more fulfillment in life. And it helps to know the universal human meaning patterns so that if one day something happens to whatever it is you currently project meaning on, you won’t crack up quite so badly.  😛

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20 June 2012 at 9:30 pm

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