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Storytelling: What an audience wants

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– What will happen next?
– How will we solve this difficult/impossible problem?
– I care about what happens
– I am moved emotionally by what happens
– I am surprised by what happens at times

– Stunning special effects
– Beautiful costumes/photography/lighting/actors etc
– Hot sex scenes
– “Realistic” violence
– Affirming beliefs already held
– Showing when violence is appropriate
– Exposing social injustices I agree with
– A strong clear moral I agree with
– Delivers factual information I find interesting
– Full of people/things/subjects I happen to like
– Interesting philosophy

COLUMN A without COLUMN B is nourishing/meaningful
COLUMN B without COLUMN A is diversion/meaningless/”entertainment”/intellectual
COLUMN A with COLUMN B is still worthwhile
A story with none of these elements is meaningless and uninteresting.

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4 September 2010 at 10:43 pm

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